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Blue Velvet

Director: David Lynch

David Lynch’s mystery-thriller Blue Velvet delves beneath the surface of an idyllic, american town to reveal it’s seedy, crime infested underbelly. Kyle Maclachlan stars as Jeffery Beaumont, a young man who one day stumbles upon a severed ear lying in an abondoned paddock near his home.

Although beginning quite tamely, Blue Velvet all of a sudden explodes into a sea of violence, mystery and all kinds of crazy. Master director David Lynch wields his creativity beautifully in this confronting, and wonderfully odd thriller, that holds nothing back in its fiery and devious delivery. David Lynch has been one of my absolute favourite directors for quite a long time now, and has only ever truly been surpassed by the great visionary Stanley Kubrick. Ever since I was first blown away by Twin Peaks and then again by Mulholland Drive, I knew that Lynch could never make a bad film, and this movie further strengthens that thought. It’s absolutely amazing, made even better by the late Dennis Hopper’s terrifying mad man: Frank Booth.