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Director: Lars von Trier

Set in the 1930’s, this film by Lars von Trier tells the tale of Grace (Nicole Kidman), a fugitive on the run from a team of gansters, who seeks refuge in the fictional town of Dogville. The townspeople agree to give Grace shelter as long as she works for them. After a couple of weeks, sheltering Grace becomes far more risky and the townspeople start to mistreat her, but Grace has a dangerous secret, one which may make Dogville regret it ever began to bare its teeth.

Lar’s Von Trier’s film “Dogville” excretes avant-gardism from every pore.  Stripped down to its bare essentials, Dogville takes an extremely minimalist approach, which proves to be quite effective. Although at times a tad pretentious, and a little slow, it definitely makes up for it with it’s ruthlessly powerful ending. All peformances are fine, although a few of the characters do seem to be quite underdeveloped and one-dimensional. But nonetheless Dogville proves to be a particularly stirring and riveting film.