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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Director: Nicholas Winding Refn

Nicholas Winding Refn’s new art house/action film Drive, sees Ryan Gosling as an un-named stunt driver who moonlights as a wheelman for hire. One day the driver meets his beautiful neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan), with whom he falls in love with. The Driver soon learns that Irene’s husband Standard, has just been released from jail, and the only way to ensure her and her son’s safety is to aid Standard in commiting a dangerous robbery. A robbery that, unbeknownst to the driver, will eventually put not only Irene and her son’s lives in danger, but his as well.

This astonishing achievement from director Nicholas Winding Refn (Bronson) is sure to divide audiences around the world. Due to the film’s misleading trailer, many moviegoers that were expecting a barrage of violence and intense action from start to finish are probably going to be disappointed with the film’s slow pacing. While audiences looking for something entertaining, yet deeper than the stock-standard action film, will delight in this brilliant piece of filmmaking. Loaded with style and 80’s flair, this absorbing and occasionally confronting homage to action films of the past, marks one of the best performances in both Refn and Gosling’s career.