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Director: Michael Lehmann

Winona Ryder plays Veronica, a well-liked yet frustrated young girl who falls into a powerful clique at her high school called the Heathers. The Heathers’ help boost Veronica’s social status around the school, so she continues to stay in their company even though she possesses a secret hatred for the clique’s leader: Heather Chandler. One day she meets Jason Dean, a juvenile delinquent of whom she falls head over heels for and starts to begin a dangerous relationship with. The two’s contempt for Heather eventually boils over, leading them to murder her and then stage it as a suicide. This killing starts a kind of bloodlust in Veronica and Jason, and causes them to take the same approach on other people they hate.

 This pitch black comedy, directed by Michael Lehmann (The Truth About Cats and Dogs), is cynical, frightening and at times hilarious. Lehmann adds a kind of manipulative mood to the film, making it feel somewhat light hearted and casual in its strikingly odd depiction of violence and murder.