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The Game


Director: David Fincher

Nicholas Van Orten (Michael Douglas) is a wealthy investment banker, who on his 48th birthday is treated with a ticket to the Consumer Recreation Services by his eccentric younger brother Conrad. The CRS create custom “games” for the chosen people to participate in. Nicholas, unsure of what the “game” actually involves accepts, not wanting to displease his brother. Soon after Nicholas’ acceptance the game begins, starting out at first as a series of harmless pranks before eventually escalating into something far more dangerous and even life threatening.

The Game is prolific director David Fincher’s moody follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed Se7en. the film employs the same kind of atmospheric film noir setting present in Se7en, yet it lacks the visual and emotional punch of the prior, instead reverting to a completely foolish final plot turn, of which effectively ruined the film for me.